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Our Team of 23 Amazing Singers
from MusicTech Kids® students to award-winning
Composers, Producers, National TV Show Actors to
Grammy & Tony Nominated Broadway Stars
NextGen Stars® Mentorship To The Max!™

Founder, Executive Director, Producer, Arranger, Orchestrator, Composer

This music video was inspired by a visit to a suburban-style shopping mall near the Statue of Liberty in August 2019, and a big well-known store was not only DECORATED but was already SELLING CHRISTMAS items! Then the day before Halloween a "Big Box" well-known department store and supermarket took down the Halloween supplies, set up and was selling Christmas supplies. The day after Halloween the same store was already selling Eggnog! Then radio stations started playing Christmas Music and TV stations started the commercials... BEFORE THANKSGIVING!
So our team decided to present the "13th Verse" composed by Musial a.k.a "Dr. D!":

(Dr. D! - DRÉ SB - Guru Tha Gawd)
 Hey what’s up… it’s only AUGUST!
The big mall stores are already selling CHRISTMAS!!!

It’s not Halloween, and CHRISTMAS is IN…
The Big Box Stores and so is “Egg Nog”!

(Guru Tha Gawd)
We’re diluting, the CHRISTMAS Spirit…
“Milking” it down, Ruining the meaning

(Dr. D! - DRÉ SB - Guru Tha Gawd)
It’s December 24th to January 6th!!
Let’s bring back to Earth the 12 Days of Christmas!

Verse 1 "A Partridge In A Pear Tree"
Jay Jay E! (12)
Jay Jay selected this song for a piano lesson... the rest is HisStory!

Verse "2 Turtle Doves"
The Rosados (Twins 15 & 5/6)
Singer/Songwriters Trumpet & Drums, Instagram & Twitter @TheRosados

Verse "3 French Hens"
Melissa Pierre
Professional Studio Vocalist and Cantor

Verse "4 Calling Birds"
Jahzara "Jazzy" Pacurar
Actress, Model & Singer, Piano & Violin
English, Romanian & Spanish languages

The "RAP BRIDGE" or the "1/2" or "13th" Verse!
Dr. D!
Award-Winning Composer/Producer

Quadre Presley aka "DRÉ SB"
Rapper and Producer

Daniel Hall aka "GURU Tha Gawd" -
Rapper and Producer

Verse "5 Golden Rings"
Mother of Jahzara
 Broadway star extraordinaire, Opera & Pop Entertainer
Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, The Barclay Center, The White House (prior to 2016)

Verse "6 Geese-A-Laying"
Chris Bohinski
“Boh the Smile Guy" from "SmileStory!"
Singer, Actor, Social Media Influencer & &

Verse "7 Swans-a-Swimming"
Kasia Drucker
NYC Polish & English Opera Vocalist Drucker Voice

Verse "8 Maids-A-Milking"
Stephanie Rosenberg
Mrs. CLAUS -Grammy & Emmy Award Nominated Actress & Producer.
12 Days of Christmas Dance Moves for Stephanie by Stephanie Rosenberg

Verse "9 Ladies Dancing"
Sophia Rosado (7)
Actress, Singer & Dancer

Verse "10 Lords-A-Leaping"
Carol Lester
ASCAP Award-Winning Composer, Jazz & Rock & Children's Music entrepreneur.

Verse "11 Pipers Piping
Maciej Part (12) & Rafal Wolosz (12) Best Friends since birth!
Singer/Songwriters/Actors in many MusicTech Kids® Music Videos
Composers/Singers & Actors
in the biggest
Polish Dyngus Day Parade in-the-world!

Verse "12 Drummers Drumming"
SANTA Al Foote III with Stephanie Rosenberg as Mrs. Santa
SANTA CLAUS -NYC Actor & Singer and the BEST SANTA Off-Broadway!


Biddy "Q" Valdez with Carol Lester
Singer/Songwriter who contributed to the drum rhythms on the Emmy Awarded
"Take A Stand" venture on MTV plus First Place Live At The Apollo

Kevin Chang (12) withj Rafal Wolosz (12)
Singer/Songwriter & Pianist
Both are in many MusicTech Kids® Music Videos

Viren Likhi (6)
Singer/Songwriter & Pianist
In the "What Should I Be" & "Thanksgivinhg Balloons" Music Tech Kids® Music Videos

Emilia Part
Singer & Actor in some MusicTech Kids Music Videos
and in the biggest
Polish Dyngus Day Parade in-the-world!

Introducing Joshua Piere (7)
Singer and aspiring Actor

Krish Wadhawan (4)
Singer/Songwritwer/Actor & Pianist
Stars in the "Boo Boo I Got You" & "On Turkey Day" MusicTech Kids® Music Videos


All photography ©2019 David Musial, One World Artists, LLC