Award-Winning Professor Musial
is now an Endorsed Artist for the

ROLI Seaboard



The ROLI SEABOARD is the most innovative Music Tech invention since the
"Minimoog", "MIDI" and "Sampling":
I now have incredible expressive freedom!"

Professor David Musial: Founder of the Award-Winning
Music & Technology Program at
Stevens Institute of Technology
(Creator of the original Electronic Music Research Center 2004)
Created courses at New York University
Received Graduate Sponsorships and Fellowships to the
Inspired the "Student Division" of the Bob Moog Foundation as the
"Director of Academic Development and Membership" 2007
and even the NEW YORK TIMES for Music Technology Innovation.


The SEABOARD is the first instrument to smoothly integrate Musical Instrument Digital Interface technologies in a truly innovative and fun way. Prof. Musial was a beta tester for MAX Software in 1991 at NYU when he was working on his second Masters (he was told it would be a Doctorate), and has a great deal of "hands-on" experience with MIDI Continuous Controllers. Musial was also selected to be the first "Masters student for the legendary Electronic Music Composer "Wendy Carlos" at NYU. Musial has had discussions with and even interviewed the great "Phil Ramone" for the Bob Moog YouTube Channel. David Musial has had a music session with Jazz Legend David Brubeck in Musial's electronic music studio where Brubeck played his first digital sampler, the "Emulator 1" (by Musial's right hand in the photo below), and Musial co-produced a documentary about Dave Brubeck, which aired on CBS National TV. David had the extreme career honor to meet his Electronic Music Mentor Dr. Robert "BOB" A. Moog on many occasions. His SkyRoom Studio below is the home of a vintage Minimoog and even a PolyMoog! So yes, these are sting words but are backed with great experience.

In November 2015, Professor David Musial met with the Artists Relations team of the ROLI Seaboard Corporation at the SYNTH Expo in Brooklyn.

In January 2016, Professor David Musial discussed his "NextGen StarsĀ®" Concept and proposed the creation of a show and possible series of shows related to how he will utilize is "out-of-the-box", award-winning Music Technology teaching tecniques, with the ROLI Seaboards.

"Tune In" to the NextGen StarsĀ® YouTube Channel and also at Sonic Adventure
soon to experience this Unique Journey in Mentorship!