This is not you basic/simple ordinary (boring) "piano" lesson.
It's way beyond and way more fun!

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Professor David Musial is an Award-Winning  • Music & Video Creator and Producer.

Professor Musial was presenetd a unique, prestigious full sprivate sponsorship to the Juilliard School of Music
and a full Teaching Fellowship in Music Technology at New York University for his Doctoral studies!
He earned other degrees in Music, Video & Film Production and Electrical Technologies.
Musial is an award-winning expert in production and education with a
TON of PATIENCE, so say the parents!

Music is the Universal Language and there is Psychological Power in Music!
Slap your thighs twice and clap once.. what song is that? 
"We Will Rock You!"... Did I sing anything? Did I play any notes? 
The Power Of Music...
This is not your typical, sometimes boring, "piano" class. Our mission is to teach your child to play the piano (or synthesizer and/or organ keyboards), through a very unique-award winning custom approach. You child is obviously surrounded by technology, and why not utilize the tools you already own, to encourage fun, creative and productive "practice" schedules? Some of our students are already playing keyboards in churches and performing on public stages at the age of only 7! Your child probably is introduced to more music through "video games" since they were toddlers, then you heard on the radio growing up. We incorporate these elements and teach them how to write simple lyrics about the games they play and then how to apply note values & melodies (scales) to these, and voilà, they are making songs while not realizing that the "boring" scales and "rhythm" drills have turned into valuable tools, which they will use i their musical life forever. Visit the "Testimonials" to see our outcomes!

Most of Professor Musial's college "kids" when asked the question "Where do your see your self after graduation?" answer; I wanna make MSUIC for VIDEO GAMES!  When one student entered SkyRoom Student at age 6, he asked Professor Musial if he could play the song "Minecraft"? Musial knows many, many songs but never heard of this song. His mom interrupted the session and apologized and said that the boy was obsessed with this video game and thought he was in Video Game Paradise with all of the "Computer Screens" in SkyRoom! So David thought "Hmm, how on Earth am I going to get this excited, rambunctious child to ever learn to play boring scales, which are so vitally important?  Presto, Musial instantly wrote a song with him titled "Zombie Dance" and used 3 scales and words inspired by the boy’s visual explanation of his dream to be inside a video game. This instantly captivated the boy’s attention. Musial proceeded to record the song with loops of sounds the boy selected (he thinks he making MUSIC for a VIDEO GAME). He then taught the boy to sing it into a top quality Mic and they make a pop-dance song! Musial then filmed and edited a music video starring the boy at just age 6! The bow now had already played the grand piano and the pipe organ and sang in POLISH in his church 4 times at just age 7. He can't wait to practice and asks every Sunday at church if he can play more! Now he has become a live stage performer, all because of the unique, Award-Winning "MusicTech Kids™" approach to teaching children the art of Music!


Music Technology was introduced to David when he was just 7 years old and has since produced over 1,000 songs with Music Technology tools, worked on over 400 TV show episodes including many cartoons, video game and film scores! He worked his way though the early days of college teaching children how to read music and play the piano and organ. He then won scholarships to the Juilliard School of Music where he studied the Psychology of Music and won Instructor-Of-The-Year 4 times at NYU. Professor Musial's Music Technology work on the "Anti Bullying" venture created by the United States Department of Education won an Emmy Award for MTV! His "Smart Trax" educational media company won a unique, prestigious award for "PROMOTING POSITIVE MESSAGES THROUGH MUSIC" to the youth of our nation by the United States Department of Justice.He went on to design the Bachelors Degree in Music Technology at Stevens Institute of Technology and his curriculum won second place in the nation as the “Most Innovative Changing The Industry”! He then won the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Award! Now Prof. Musial is running his own school of Music Technology at the amazing SkyRoom Studio perched high in a Penthouse Suite in Newport/Jersey City, as a private consultant and this is the “Kids” division! He has only a few time slots open this summer, so If you would like to do something really creative and different, learn the basic of reading music, playing piano and keyboards and then making songs and recording them, and maybe even a Music Video, sign up real fast!

More details here and course details soon. See what his students say!

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