So how can you help determine if a child or teen has "the gift" and needs to develop the talents? Maybe a cool friend, an exceptionall relative or sometimes a church or community center will "sponsor" a GOOD KID! These "lesson packs" make great Birthday or Christmas gifts because they are a short, one-time affordable fun & educational experience. We do not have an "open" audition at the moment, but you may be surprised if you share this site to family and friends, someone may give this amazing experience to your child! It has happened already several times.

Or with a Bank Debit or a Credit Card


Some parents start by watching the free informational public "Seminar". You see & hear him, can only communicate after the event via email. Some try the "Interactive Webinar" viewed by a private group: you can all use your mic to talk to the group, but all only see the instructor. He explains how his students have made simple choruses to a song, or went on to perform on big stages, in huge arenas, in Disney, in massive parades, in massive parades and even made a feature movie! 

After you and your kid completes the above, you may want to sponsor a Private "Lesson Pack" of 4 one-hour sessions?  Professor Musial's family was presented 8 "free" lessons when they took ut a bank loan to purchase an expensive electronic home organ. Mom & Dad knew within just a few weeks that he had "the gift". They then located a local private instructor (Jane) and he took a one-hour weekly lesson and then practiced the assigned songs on a keyboard ONE hour EVERY DAY. This is the most common start and most kids continue for at least 6 months before the family decides if they wish to make it a long-term experience.

Some parents want their kid to learn more fun social skills by joining a "Virtual Band" and they sign them up for the monthly (summer) or double monthly (school time) Interactive 4-Member Group Pack.

Some people simply want to spread goodness, by making a generic donation to the company. Scholarship applications evolve when this happens and sometimes students who have "the gift" but not the resources, can receive a free lesson.

We offer Seminars, Interactive Webinars, Private Tutoring/Lessons & Group Lessons
For Kids For Teens

GROUP Seminar is free
GROUP Webinars
GROUP Interactive 4 member Virtual Band Packs
All private lessons are $35.00 per half hour or $65.00 per hour, purchased 4 in a "pack

OnLine Gifting In Person Private Lesson Gifting

The MusicTech Kids® SCHOLARSHIP FUND for the Non-Profit (in-the-works) venture under the Smart Trax® Institute of Technology, is designed to help make the opportunity TUITION-FREE for a select group of very gifted students, no-matter their family financial ability. With your kind assistance either via a direct tax deductible (soon) donation we can help make a kids' dream... a reality.

Our grads have performed in Disney, Carnegie Hall, Off-Broadway, in Sports Arenas, in Massive Parades, on Radio & TV even on an Aircraft Carrier and in the “Hall of Heroes” in the Pentagon!

They have released lots of SINGLES and even full ALBUMS on iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify & more!

The founder Professor Musial was raised by wonderful parents in the Buffalo, NY area who had to "drop out" of high school to work on their farms. They became farmer/factory workers who had a passion for music and visual arts.. They did what they could to help his musical gift grow by paying for weekly music lessons. Eventually, David was determined to attend college in the field, but needed to also work in a factory  3rd shift (midnight to 8 am) and had to also take out student loans to complete his undergraduate college ventures. After much hard work & dedication, for graduate studies, he received a full private sponsorship to the finest in the world, the Juilliard School Of Music for his first master's venture and before he could complete it the chairman of the new Masters in Music Technology program at New York University presented him a full teaching fellowship to become a professor. He completed 10 years in college! The Director said Musial could join them to earn a Doctorate at the completion. He then hired him as an official Adjunct Professor where he went on to earn the prestigious title "Instructor-Of-The-Year" 4 consecutive times in the mid-1990s!

Then Prof. Musial received a massive private artistic grant which enabled him to pay off all of his undergraduate student loans, purchase his SkyRoom Studio and launch his non-profit pending "Smart Trax® Institute of Technology"! The United States Department of Education commissioned Musial to create the theme song and to produce the audio post-production for a unique Anti Violence campaign which went on to earn an Emmy Award on MTV! Musial was then hired to create a Bachelor's Degree in Music Technology and it earned the award "The Most Innovative" at the Best Colleges rating organization! The United States Department of Justice presented him with a rare award for "Promoting Positive Messages Through Music". His hometown of Buffalo, NY presented him the prestigious "Buffalo Music Hall-Of-Fame" Award where he dedicated it to his childhood Private Music Teacher "Jane Liskiewicz".  The United States Trademark Office has honored Musial with the Registered Trademarks for Smart Trax® Institute Of Technology, MusicTech Kids® MusicTech Teens® & NextGen Stars®. He has taught over 1,000 college students and hundreds of kids. None of this would have been possible if it were not for Scholarships!