David is a very animated teacher,
he "paints a picture with music".
David Musial is the BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD!
My daughter Angelika is 11 years old, and she learned a little bit to play the piano at the age of 7 from her sister, she became very interested in the piano. One day in church I saw David play the piano and organ, and I was impressed with his playing. I said to myself this is a person who I would love to have teach Angelika piano, (I did not know that he is a Music Professor!) After mass I asked my friend Barbara if she knew him, and she sad yes I do, he just played the pipe organ at my wedding!  I asked her if she can introduce me to him, and she sad no problem. I spoke with him and asked him about piano lessons for my daughter, and he sad yes, but he teaches it though Music Technology. David is a very animated teacher, he "paints a picture with music" and makes what some kids think is boring, very fun and encouraging. He is a great teacher, very PATIENT with kids, he knows how to make kids to be happy, and to be always interesting with playing music. David shows her how note values are connected to words, by writing a short song with her at every lesson! They are always about something she is interested in, so it inspires her to practice more, and this makes it easier for her to play better and she enjoys it more! His technique has enabled her to start playing music in her church already only after a few lessons, and that’s awesome!  Professor David Musial is the BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD!  Bozena Dymek, June 23, 2016