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THE MAKING OF THE VIDEO STORY by David Musial below...

Prof. David Musial at SkyRoom Studio, Newport-Jersey City.
Location for song creation and video post



I used to love sitting in New York City subways watching the trains go by with the graffiti sprayed all over them. I knew it was wrong because the artists were damaging public property, but some of their art was truly amazing and certainly took the boring monotony out of sitting on our platform waiting for a train!

I used to love sitting in New York City subways watching the trains go by with the graffiti sprayed all over them. I knew it was wrong because the artists were damaging public property, but some of their art was truly amazing and certainly took the boring monotony out of sitting on our platform waiting for a train!

Eric Rosado • John Rosado • Jay Jay E


Now there has always been graffiti artist “tags“ in most cities, and I would oftenjust ignore them. I have to admit though, some of these artists had tremendous skills and I always thought what a “waste“, because they’re just putting this art on the sides of warehouses and broken down junkyard trucks!

A few years ago I started to take notice about a “twist” in what was what I thought “graffiti” spray paint art which was “popping up” around Jersey City. There was a big mural painted on Summit Avenue near Hoboken Avenue, which had the name  “Jersey City” stretch across the entire building. It was the one that made me think about starting to capture photos with city street “elements” in the foreground. 

My dad was always captivated with music, photography and cinematography. So as a boy, I was surrounded by this beautiful gift of media art. In high school I started to “dabble” with still photography. and I made my first music video with my dad’s Super 8mm film camera when I was around 17 years old in 1977. Moving forward the incredible quality of the photos in our smartphones these days has given us all a very powerful tool right in our pockets. So I decided to start a book series called “...eye caught this”, and they are photos that I caught with my current “iPhone”. So I went out for a bike ride one day and I thought I could capture all of the murals in Jersey City, HaHaHaHa! I ended up going out eight times throughout the summer of 2018 and captured well over 400 photos which did not include all the murals!

I had a wonderful concierge named John Tam in my high-rise building in Jersey City, where my recording studio is perched high on top the 35th floor and a beautiful penthouse suite overlooking downtown New York City. He started to write poetry and every now and then he would hand me one of his poems. They were “OK” at first and I guess the professorship side of me start to give him a few pointers, because I write lots of lyrics. When my photo book came out I thought, hey this could be a really great opportunity for John to challenge his creative poetry passion and I pointed out one photograph of one mural titled “OPEN YOUR MIND”,and I said “hey John maybe as you glance through this book you might be inspired 
to write a poem, but could you please call it “OPEN YOUR MIND”?

A few days later he presented his masterpiece! I was blown away. I quickly suggested that he comes into my studio, and goes into the vocal booth and give me a dramatic reading of his poem. He quickly said “no”, and I was confused. I proceeded to beg himand then he demanded that he do this vocal recording, and he said “no, no, no! Get the ‘twins’ to do it!” I questioned  “the twins”, what do you mean? He says you know the “Latino guys! (Most of the support staff in the 
building are Latino men so now I’m really confused!) He then says “Eric and John”. I said the singing brothers, why? He says “because I’m bashful and they’re really talented”! So the next time they came to my studio I presented them this honor and they quickly excepted!

I was in the midst of producing the first photo album and the idea “popped into my head“…  why not take this poem and modify it so that you can fit a music lyrical form, and maybe turn it into a pop song?  So Eric, John and I did exactly that! I then assigned the twins a task to find three songs that are currently very “popular” on the “radio”. This is so I could study the instrumentation as a “reference” and make a soundtrack with synthesizers that is in a similar style.  So we set the lyrics to melody and proceeded to record the song. Two of my apprentices stopped by and this gave me the thought that maybe they would like to join in and they did! 
So we have been blessed with the presence of DRÉ SB and GURU THA GAWD!
Being a Media Arts Producer, the natural thought popped in my head “hey why don’t we shoot a music video“. My original intention which we tried to honor as close as possible, was to have the Musical Artist give “thanksgiving” to the brilliant 
Visual Artists who created these masterpieces for all of us to enjoy! I then thought  that we should get green screen outfits, and Eric and John could try to wear them as  they simply walk 1 foot at a time, left to right in front of a mural. I will then superimpose a still picture of another mural over their bodies, so they will be a “silhouette” creating a grand illusion of mural on top of mural!

We went out in about the city with John Tam a few times with his lovely wife Wynn. We had a few experimental sessions that didn’t work out, which is to be expectedand is common in production. They were too “dramatic”. I felt they drew too much attention to the singers as “dancers”, so we went back and re-shot all of those scenes. We made many more trips around the beautiful city, all throughout the spring, summer, and early fall of 2019!

Our last shoot we were given the luxury to use a vehicle owned by Jamie, the wonderful mom of another young artist we are developing named “Jay Jay E”. He has joined in a variety of other creative ventures in the past, and is loaded with energy, so it was near impossible to keep him from “photobombing in the background as we were shooting. He suddenly took a can of “Lysol”, he found in mom‘s van and started using it to pretend he was “spray painting” on one of the large murals in the Heights! I was terrified! I thought it was “spray paint”!  When I discovered it was harmless, I suddenly thought: “let’s use it as a prop” and I directed him to pretend he’s one of the brilliant spray paint artists! (That’s how I stopped him from photobombing... LOL”)
So we had a tremendous time creating the music, and shooting the music video for this song, which gives a very unique tribute to the brilliant visual painting artist who has blessed Jersey City with an incredible new visual landscape!

I would like to thnak Mayor Steven Fulop and his staff for making this a reality, and of course all the artists. It’s impossible for me to find out who painted each individual mural, but we would love to give them credit. I guess we simply will need to walk around our city and look for ourselves, but I sure hope these artists do continue to beautify our world even more!


If any proceeds are collected from the music sales/streaming, One World Artists, LLC, my parent company will donate 50% of the net income to both the Jersey CityArt and Studio Tour and to the Smart Trax® institute of Technology’s scholarships for the unique MusicTech Kids® and MusicTexh Teens® programs, which were createdright here in Jersey City. Our students have made and performed songs in the largest parades in America and even in the World! Let’s keep on creating Media Art!


-Professor David Musial

All Photos ©2015-2019 David Musial