The Magical Music Tech Wonder Boy      75% Done

The world of video games has inspired this very unique show all about a 7 year old Polish boy, and his obsession with one particular game… and his parents desire for him to study MUSIC! This story shows how Prof. Musial takes his award winning Music Technology Teaching skills to yet another level: rhetoric retention by designing a custom song based on elementary scales attached to a video game theme!  Ta Dah, the birth of the ZOMBIE DANCE™! 

In thirteen sessions already filmed with multiple cameras, and at least on in Ultra HD, Prof. Musial succeeded in not only teaching little Maciej how to use “Apple Loops” of prerecorded sound, to match the emotions he described when he saw images in a video game, they made a song together AND recorded a music video. Since many Professor Musial’s college students dreamed of being employed in the dynamic & massive Video Game industry after graduation, Musial thought why not se if he could teach his youngest student, and by his 7th birthday he did.

Now many of Professor Musial’s college graduate professional music producers are creating “remix” arrangements of this song and they will be part of the closing episodes of the 13 part series! Two of the students assisted #1 Records on the Billboard Charts already and one fulfilled his dream of working for ROLLING STONE magazine upon graduation. This show is destined to get the attention of millions of children in the English & Polish world because of the popularity of video games in this style. It could also be turned into a cartoon series.

Go Maciej!

Maciej Music Maciej Part Videos produced by Prof. David Musial