Jim Rebholz the WACKY CHEF™
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The WACKY CHEF never finishes a recipe or a dish, he gets off on tangents by singing crazy original songs, and making life observations, that you just want to come back more a laugh off the calories you just ate!  Each show has him starting to prepare a favorite "healthy" recipe, and then gives these outrageous commentaries that just make you say "Hmm? I've never quite looked at it like this but he's right!". He calls the police on "Mister Softie" and in a zany way, recommends that he uses "Frozen Yogurt" as a healthy substitution, then he sees that the server has muscles, a "6 pack chest" and ink, and says... obviously you don't eat this crap!  The show has regular segments with different related topics, viewers (Crowd Fund Sponsors) can appear in a show and share their Wacky Recipe, and we get to also see him really sing! The Wacky Chef is beyond Wacky, he's Hysterical!

Jim Rebholz is a brilliant Singer/Songwriter/Actor and a highly acclaimed Healthy Chef, who has been featured on the famous Western New York ABC TV show "AM Buffalo" nearly 100 times. Jim composed & sang the jingle, & Prof. Musial produced it for the first commercial campaign for the Niagara Frontier Transit Authority Subway System titled “Let Metro Move You”. Jim’s cooking techniques are delivered in a festive, "impromptu" musical way that mentors you to a healthy way of life with laughter. Many demos have already been shot and a series of shorts would be most desirable.

Jim has recipes for everything, but healthy chefs are “a dime-a-dozen” these days. Jims’ wacky sense of humor, his little silly stories can make even Kale cool! He writes songs about the process, which are fun and memorable, and there will be an on-going library of wacky songs in his library. But Jim is also a serious singer, and his fans can also buy these songs from the site. He is like a "Jim Neighbors" meets the “Galloping Gourmet”, with a dash of “Weird Al Yankovitch” and a pinch of “Richard Simmons”. Humor is the Universal flavor that Mentors the message, because of healthy cooking alone will not open doors to a happier, healthy life alone. Tune in the Wacky Chef!

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