Mr. Lloyd Quartin, the president of the "Turn Up The Music" corparation in the NYC area, asked Professor David Musial if he would produce a resounding version of this song "SPREAD PEACE ALL OVER THE WORLD". It was composed in England by: Linda Pepper, Anton Mullan and Colin Stone. Musial accepted the invitation and produced it at his SkyRoom Studio facility in the NYC Harbor. He invided all kinds of amazing singers in the New York City area to join in. Mr. Quartin then attened the exclusive event and filmed it with his personal camcorder (which is where thsi footage and the stills came from). Three times during the grand fireworks, Musial's version of the song was played through the sound systems at the massive, prestigious event! Play the video at the start point here. Listen to theoriginal version of the song here.

The Host-EmCee

Hear the song 3 times durring the Grand Fireworks Professor David Musial Produced



Watch the video here



The Rosados were honored to represent the theme "VIOLENCE, PEACE & CHILDREN"
They were joined by their friends Rafal Wolosz (11), Sophia Rosado (7), Jahzara Pacurar (3)
Brady Cudmore, Kasia Drucker, Carol Lester, Beata Kowalczk, N'Kenge Pacurar

The WORLD TRADE CENTER is in the background, mostly covered with clouds!


Watch the video here from 2007

Part of the Smart Trax® Ensemble at a show produced by Musial in Newport, Jersey City.
The Amazing LINDA PEPPER, the original singer and one of the composers, in SkyRoom Studio!
Ashley Avis the lead singer
Kevin "KAYO' Orsino Joy Medina - Buddy Burgess - Manny Medina Chelsey Bishop
Chris Hatcher Marc Marino Megi Caushi
Bridgette Valentin Joy Medina - Francesca Mazza- Manny Medina Jermiah Seth Bartlett
'Lil Ben Baker Katya&MashaNobakova Ariel Valle

These artists all
volunteered their time to
help make a serious statement about


Manny Medina - Samual Picaso - Joy Medina   LaShawn Small


Prof. David Musial conducting at LaSalle Park, in Buffalo, New York
He prepared the score for the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra to perform.
His synthetration played as the composer/lead singer LINDA PEPPER sang (she flew in from Englnd)
She was joined by the hostess, the incredible Darlene Edwards.
Many of Musial's friends joined in a huge chorus
and Miss Bernadine DeMike provided lots of amazing interpretive dancers from her Royalé Dance Theater