Sonic Soundscapes (Broadcast) Music Library is a diversely creative collection of instrumental musical selections and sound atmospheres or "SoundScapes", by award-winning composer Daivd Alan Jaymes. Since 1976 he has composed music for hundreds of TV shows, commercials, cartoons, video games, amusement parks, films, produced hundreds of songs in a multitude of styles from Pop to Rock to R&M, Jazz, Calypso, Polka, Rap, HipHop, Dance, Reggae, Reggaeton, EDM Techno, Liturgical, and Orchestral. He is a maestro at creating soundscapes with a Bachelor's degree in Sound Recording Technology the original exclusive  "TONEMEISTER" at SUNY Fredonia, specializing in "Sound Design". He became a protegé to the most famous Hollywood Sound Designer "Frank Serafine". Musial then received a full Sponsorship to the greatly esteemed Juilliard School Of Music, where he studied classical orchestration, was rebellious and studied more Electronic Music and also the Psychology of Music. Musial became the assistant to the current most elite commercial music synthesis legend, "Suzanne Ciani". He then was presented the 1st exclusive and very prestigious Fellowship grant (for the proposed Doctorate) in Music Technology at New York University, where he was given the highest honor to be the first Master's student of the acclaimed Classical Electronic Music Legend Wendy Carlos, the creator of "Switched-On Bach" and countless other works and film scores! Musial has taught over 1,000 college students how to produce music. He has had his music performed in sports arenas, in Disney, in huge heritage stages, and in massive parades for over 1,000,000 people! 

His work has aired on national television and on the biggest film screen in the world by the Statue of Liberty; the KODAK OMNIMAX. He has enjoyed thousands of streams, gold & platinum records, his students have had #1 hits on Billboard Charts and one earned a Grammy. Musial earned an Emmy Award for his composition "Take A Stand", the theme to a U.S. Department of Education campaign for MTV! We think "out-of-the-box" here, wait until our "SoundScapes" make your ideas shine even more!
The music comes in a variety of lengths and keys, plus with different emotional descriptions. It is recorded in CD and mostly UHD 24/96 quality at the State-Of-The-Art, SynthWiz Paradise of SkyRoom Studios. It is perched in Penthouse Suite high on top of a 35 story tower, overlooking the New York City harbor! It is where we ProduceSongs. You can purchase a lease for a time period, or a one-time royalty-free buyout for your own use. (You can not re-market the tracks. You can use it as "Beats" or "Tracks" and perform on top, and then release it for stream and sale. You can make music videos with no need for a "sync" license) You can use the music in video or film soundtracks for your next presentation or commercial movie release. You must give credit on all releases "Instrumental Scores by Musial at SonicSoundScapes™".

Welcome and let's make music!

David Alan Jaymes


Formulated in 1987, United States Trademark Application # 90087478 on 8/1/20