Govenors EMMY AWARD Prof. David Musial Gold & Platinim Records United States Department of Justice Award
Since 1979 Professor David Musial has directed a vast team of producers, composers, singers, instrumentalists, actors & dancers of all ages, to create and perform in a diverse array of ventures from; schools, churches, rinks, massive parades, huge sports arenas, to an Aircraft Carrier, Off-Broadway & Broadway stages, Disney and even the "HALL OF HEROES" in the PENTAGON 2010!

(Performed at the 50th Anniversary
of the United Nations!)
A unique leter from the WHITE HOUSE
Musial's anthem is inducted into the
National Memorial
Selected for the 25th Anniversary
event in NYC
Musial composed a song and directed a music video about JERSEY CITY being the true Multicultural "MELTING POT OF AMERICA".
He was featured on the cover of Jersey City Newspaper
The music video was filemd all around the Statue of Liberty
and has hundrends of multicultural kids performin the song!
Musial was inducted into the prestigous
Along with other legends like: Bob Moog, Aretha Franklin, Rick James, Cool and the Gang, Wayne Sharpe, Tom Lorentz, Van Taylor, Anthony Casuccio, The Goo Goo Dolls and more
Prof. Musial taught his Polish studennts to compose a somg which was performed and has beocome
the best educational song ever for the largest parade of his Polish Heritage in the World in Bufflao, NY!
"Krish" at 4 has 2 Videos. "Tanish" at 4 created lyrics for the chorus of 22 songs and make a video. "Viren" at 7 made 2 Music Videos!
Jay Jay's father is IRISH, and the boy LOVES McDonald's (an "Irish" name) French Fries! He says the most "famous" thing about Ireland is "Potatoes" and he learned the most famous song is "When My Irish Eyes Are Smiling". This gave Prof. Musial the idea to compose this comedy song with him! After he ​sang the American and then the Irish Anthems with his friends The Rosados, (Puerto Rican) they gave the world premiere of this song in beautiful downtown Jersey City with the World Trade Center behind our huge stage! Jay Jay is Irish & Chinese.
Professor David Musial was invited Mr. Perry Chicchini, of the Jersey City Board of Education to create a theme song the the United States Marshall's new program for middle school children. He produced the MULTICULTURAL stage shows ans the music video!
Professor Musial has produced a multitude of Music & Video projects with the
vivacious and charming N'Kenge Pacurara & her lovely daughter Jahzara.

Prof. Musial was given the unique honor to produce the ORIGINAL CAST ALBUM for the long-running Off-Broadway Musical about the college-age lifetime of President Abraham Lincoln. It was performed at the famous "Actors Temple" in the Theater District of New York City. (This is where the "Three Stooges" among many other entertainment world stars were "born". The 94-year-old composer "Robert L. Hecker" had dinner with Musial in Hollywood in 2016. He shared that he was a World War 2 Fighter Pilot, He wrote the scripts for over 500 Hollywood "Western" shos like 'Gunsmoke" & "bonanza". He published over 10 books and then he composed this musical. Asked Musial to work on his newest musical about a homeless man in Hollywood. 


David Musial was invited by a NYC Modelling Agency to make a song with Ashely Avis just after she earned the most unique crown "MISS TEEN MODEL -OF-THE-UNIVERSE" at age 16. Musial went on to write original songs, and then she sang on "Spread Peace All Over the World" & "I Have A Real Dream". After Musial then directed several music videos, she was inspired to go to college for FILM DIRECTING. Now she was recently after signing with the prestigious "William Morris Agency' she on the COVER of the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER because she has enjoyed the success of producing/directing many TV commercials, feature films and now a TV series with the legendary "RON HOWARD"! See great details here.
Wayne Sharpe at the Buffalo Music Hall-Of-Fame Induction 2017 nominated by Prof. Musial, 2014 inductee
Robert Wohler (DISNEY) • Steve Clark (European Recor Producer) • Prof. Musial

Yaz at SkyRoom Studio 2014

The Emmy Award Winning Trio:The Emmy Award-Winning Trio:
Dr. Donna Crawfod, (Dr.ABD) David Musial & Dr. Yaz Shehab
at the "Yaz & Shelly Shehab Wedding in "Sea Ranch", CA (Pop. 241) 2015
Musial was honored to play the piano at the Multicultural Wedding, on a high cliff over the ocean
Musial & Yaz were Teaching Fellows together at New York University from 1990-1992
Yaz and David have done a multitude of creative projects together
 from live stage shows to video game soundtracks.
They installed music browsing systems in Tower Records at Lincoln Center,
and made creative meditative instrumentals utilizing his Doctorate in Ethnomusicology!
Yaz is Egyptian.

Musial conceived the concept aboutcreating a song and then producing a music video about the amazing amount of public, professional murals in Jersey City, the most in the nation. A multicultural team of Polish, Black, Asian, Puerto Ridan & Irish made this music video!
This was Musial's respose when MACY's a few blocks from his SkyRoom Stufio starting selling CHRISTMAS products in AUGUST, and TARGET did so tjhe day beforew HALLOWEEN. An eclectic group of multi-cultural friends joind in his production!
More gthan 13 multicultural kids helped Musial make this spooky masterpiece.
Prof. David Musial was given the honor to produce 3 concerts for DARE at the International Convention held in Disney 2009, to demonstrate the effectiveness of his original "Positive Message Music" for their demographic of kids & teens. He brought a multicultural team of "Smart Trax® Artists" who successfully proved the value. Musial was given verbal approval to have 26 MILLION albums made available through iTunes! The venture, unfortunately, was halted because iTunes was unable to work with a "non-profit" at the time. We still had a great opportunity for all!
Musial asked Brady® to compose the song "SIXTEEN". He thenproduced the stage show with Sixteen 16-year-old young ladies from the Ugenia's Dance Studio in the Buffalo, NY area. The show was at the DUNN Tire (Lnacaster National Raceway) for 10,000 teens! Major radio attended.
Canadian Brady® introduced himself to Prof. David Musial at an Audio Engineering Society Convention in NYC in 2007, when Musial was volunteering to help launch the Student Division of the Bob Moog Foundation. Musial singed him a "360 Deal" to his company at the "ordering" of his friend and mentor, the legendary Hollywood Sound Designer late "Frank Serafine". Ten music producers joined in and Brady has performed all over America, in Carnegie Hall, Disney and then in the "HALL OF HEROES" in the PENTAGON!
This extreme multicultural project was producxed by Prof. David Musial.
It launched on 11/11/11 @ 11/11 AM "VETERANS DAY"
It concluded with a live national SIRIUS XM Radio broadcast from the fligt deck of an
ACTIVE United States Aircaraft Carrier in the New York City Harbor during the apex of "FLEET WEEK": Memorial Saturday.
Musial has performed hundreds of services, and produced all kinds of music and cartoon character voices with this amazing Italian American!
Musial managed these dynamic Puerto Rican siblings from ages 6 to 18! He had them perform all over America!
Prof. Musial Composed the award-wining anthem "We, Are, Drug, Free!" with Manny & Joy "MJ" Medina
in 2000 when they were 14 & 12 years old.
He suggested the idea to a "A Partnership For A Drug Free America" in the Hudson County, NJ office, that they use music and have a contest.
Eventually in 2004 they did, and our song won 1st Place In America! Here is the Stage Video
For a full directory of shows, photos and more, click here.
This unique AWARD was presented to Professor David Musial by the director of the United States Deaprtment of Justice, at the nationa headquarters for the Drug Enforcemet Agenct, at the 25th Anniversary of the national "RED RIBBON RALLY". The top directors were present representing millions of American students who take this week-long educational program about the dangers of drugs!
Prof. Musial after the event, displaying the "Take A Stand" project which earned an EMMY and the new award!
Prof. Musial met Biddy "Q" Valdez in 1989 when he moved to Newport, Jersey City across from Lower Manhattan. Biddy is a Songwriter/ARTIST! David taught Biddy a great deal about audio engineering, gave him some of his gear, and then started to teach him how to be a producer. They earned 1st Place Live at the Apollo in NYC, and an Emmy together. They toured the nation with the Manhattan Moder Search venture (which they had the understanding at the time was a favored show.) Biddy made cartoon character voices and then Musial produced his solo album! Vodak Radonjic was one of the incredible guitarists on many songs.
David Musial has produced a multitude of recording sessions and also live stage videos for Composer/Singer/Flamenco Guitarist extraordinaire! Vidak has starred in major music night clubs in NYC and even the "Blue Note" in Tokyo! He is the owner of Vidak Radonjic Entertainment and also Beryl Consulting. He is often on Stock Market Industry Television shows! Vidak played some amazing guitar tracks on the BiddyQ Album produced by Musial.
Prof. Musial has worked on a MULTITUDE of creative venturees with Roger (Italian),
since 1995: Live Concerts, Music Recording, Cartoon Voice creations and
Musial also filmed the 1st version of this dramitically powerful production.

Musial discovered these amazing singer/songwriters in 1998 just after they graduated form a performance arts high school in NYC. He developed a 6-song demo and got them signed to SONY Productions in NYC. He then produced "TAKE A STAND" with them which earned this EMMY for MTV, and co-produced the them to the motion picture "SOUTHIE", about the life of "Donnie Wahlberg", the star of "New Kids on The Block". The group unfortunately split up due the immaturity of one member.

The same personal manager who brought "Forever Chozen" to Musaial, introdiced him to "JOHN DOE". (Musial is also a professioanl photographer and took this CD cover.) Musial produced their demo and also got them signed to SONY Productions. Afterwards, the disbanded. Musial went on to only work with soloists and sinblings!
Musial has accompanies and filemd 26 concerts in the NYC & New Jersey Areas with the Polish Opera star KASIA DRUCKER and the amazing dramatic poetry artist Thadeus Turkowski. Kasia often performs as a song leader at a poish church near the Statue of Liberty with Musial.
Musial has produced a Christmas album for Kasia and she appears in the music videos for the comedies:
"The Easter Bunny Got Busted", "The 12 & 1/2 Dayd of Christmas and also the serios Jersey City 9/11/18 Memorial!
The Jersey City Board of Education introduced Londell to David when he was a High School senior. Musial immediatly introduxced him to our "Smart Trax® team and he started to do live stage shows. His most unique experience was at the national convention for the Red Ribbon Rally at the headwuarters for the D.E.A. when the directoer of the United States Department of Justice presented Professor Musial an awaard for "Promoting Positive Messages (to the Youth Of the Nation) Through Music",
This is a COMEDY where Musial was hired to help SHAMBA create the theme song, nd then to film and edit this "demo" fora "SITCOM ideal.
He is from Israel and is suggesting that he is like "James Bond" with comedy!
Josh Lissauer is a well-known Jewish Cantor in the NYC and Florida areas who has recorded several songs with Musial
Chris Bohinski the "Mr. Smile™' and now NBC TV Newsbroadcaster
MusicTech Kids® 10-year-old piano student (who has won 9 trophy's in NYC for playing CHESS) projected out the question one day at the beginning of his lesson: Prof. David, did you know that CHESS is a VIOLENT Game?" As his lovely mom bursts into laugter, Musial "bites his tounge" and is "zapped" into ontense thought becasue Kevin is a good classical pianist on-the-rise, LOVES videos games and he is is very brigt. "Why woould you say this Kevin". He quickly proclaims "I MUST PROTECT MY CASTLE AGAINST THE BAD KNIGHTS, I MUSIC PROTECT MY QUEEN!" Musial had a thought reflecting on how "slow" and "calm" the game is (boring!), that well actualy, the kid is right! So he quickly taught him how to make a cool, dramatik, royalty like sounding instrumental in Apple's "GarageBand" program, and then inviyed a multicultural team of students to record the song. They then accepted miss Crol Lester's suggestion that she joins in as the "Bubble Queen" of the Castle an Musial directed the filming at the huge Castle in Central Park NYC and then on the huge life-like chess board in Liberty State Park by the Statue Of Liberty. Teh 'bad" Polish Knights (Maciej & Rafal) broke in and the good "Puerto Rican" knights (The Rosados)
Prof. Musial has been teaching Kevin Chang since he was 9 in the MusicTech Kids program. At 12 he has ammased 4 Music Videos!
"It's My Castle", " Take Me To Camelback", "The Super Bowl Sucks"
& in development "Hey, It's Not New Years!"
Kevin is Chinese
Melissa Pierre is a beautifal soloists & songwriter who is Puerto Rican.
Danny Hall "Guru Tha Gawd" has been an apprentice with Prof. Musial since 2016.
Quadré "DRÉ SB" has been an intern and then an apprentice with Prof. Musia; soince 2015.

Joshua Pierre is a zesty is MusicTech Kid!He is Dominican & Puerto Rican

Marianne Bracero- a Latino Multi-Cultural Percussionist
who has recorded on a song we made for adused women how attened a free-high school in Jersey City.
Jay Jay asked to learn this song on the piano and it turend into a FULL MUSIC video
Jay Jay E entered Musial's unique "MusicTech Kids®" program at age 10. He composed "A Candle In My Window" in the last 2 weeks of age 12 and recorded the demo on his 13th Birthday 7/24/20. Jay Jay is Irish/Chinese.
Broadway Star "N'Kenge" & on of NextGen Stars® protegés 12 year-old Jay Jay E, get ready to have Prof. Musial do a photoshoot for Prestigious Portraits.
Sophia Rosado is a Puerto Rican Princess who has been on stages and in parades for over 1,000,000 people between the ages of 6 & 8!
She is the STAR of the silly feature movie conceieved & directed by Prof. David Musial all about "Ghosts" of "Mermaids" on the beautiful Jersey Shores... finding a "real" mermaid in Coney Island (when she starred in the "Coney Island Mermaid Parade".
Prof. David Musial a.k.a "Professor Poppity Pop" inspired the name"Bubble Queen" for the amazing entrepreneaurial Singer/Songwriter/Actress extrodinaire Mrs. Carol Lester. Musial has composed songs with her, produced 2 albums, provided students to assist her shows as the "Royal Bubble pops", and has produced live stage show videos for a multicultural audience near the ​Statue ​Of Liberty!!
Polish MusicTech Kids® Emilia & Maciej Part (the 1st under the officail U.S. Trademark!) with Prof . Musial
All songs & videos produced by David Musial
ARTIST/PROJECT Radio Stream Music Video
N'Kenge   Video Directory

Spread Peace All Over The World
original cast published on Turn Up The Music "Drew's Famous" record label (as seen in "Target, K-Mart, Walmart, Party City" etc.)

Spread Peace All Over The World
Live at the 50th Anniversary of the
United Nations- The Celebration Start
  Camcorder VIDEO

Spread Peace All Over The World
MusicTech Teens® Music Video 2007

(Ashley is now a Hollywood Director, KAYO is a Facebook TV Show Star, Brady is a NYC Entertainer Star, Manny won 1st place on an MTV Show. Joy has goen on to work on a multitude of National TV Shows! Many performed in Disney! One in the Hall of Heroes in the PENTAGON 2009.)

Single VIDEO

Spread Peace All Over The World
Jersey City 9/11/18 Memorial with The Rosados, N'Kenge, Carol Lester, Brady® Cudmore

I Have A Real Dream   VIDEO
Brave New American Heroes SINGLE VIDEO
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12 & 1/2 Days Of Christmas-
23 member Multicultural Team
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Forever Chozen-Maybe Tomorrow SINGLE  
Forever Chozen-Get Down SINGLE  
Forever Chozen- Come Home SINGLE  
Forever Chozen feat Renée-
This Love Is For Real
Composed by David Musial
Back Where I Belong - Movie Theme for Donnie Wahlberg- "New Kids On The Block"   Hollywood MOVIE
John Doe- Blind Love
Co-Composed by David Musial
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