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Special Group Project
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1 Mad Screen Box
by many gifted One World Artists
Reality to Talent Search to Virtual Reality Show

See Episode 1  "demo" here

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2 Brady® Live
Open Mics in NYC

Play Video Now 3 In The Wild
by Timmy Cudmore the KING FISH MAN
4 The Wacky Chef™
by Singing Chef Jim Rebholz
5 The Bubble Queen™
& The Royal Bubble Pops™
by Carol Lester
6 The Music Tech Wonder Boy
MACIEJ and Musial
7 Smart Trax
by 20+ Artists from North & South America
Award Winning Positive Message Music
8 Skate Dance
by 14 Artists from North & South America
Musical fun about Skating!
9 QmusiQ
by Biddy Q and Friends,
Fresh R&B and HipHop at it's best!
10 Sound Healing
by Roger Ansanelli
11 A Leader of Song!
by Angelo Celrrone
12 You Gotta Be Kidding?
by Spatz Donavan
13 The Royal Snow Queen
by Miss Bernadine DeMike
A Theatrical Visionalry Experience
14 Find The Golden Bird
by Larry Yates and Emily Rose Simon
15 The Act Of Realty
by GG Medina
16 Tomorrow's Toddler
Tunies Today

by David Musial and Friends
  and many more soon like...

Come Back One More Time
Broadway Baby
I Wanna Work for Rolling Stone
I Will Have A #1 Record
Jerseywood to Bollywood to Hollywood




NextGen Stars